Black Slaves For Sale

52 MINUTES • 2000 • 4:3



• Co-production with •
NDR (Germany)
EO (the Netherlands)
Eye2Eye Media

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ORF (Austria)

TVC (Spain)

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TVE (Spain)
Multicanal (Spain)
NHK (Japan)
YLE (Finland)
RTE (Ireland)
TG4 (Ireland)
K-World (Sweden)
3Sat (Germany)

• Shown at •
Salt Lake City Amnesty Film Festival 2002
One World Human Rights Festival Prague 2001

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Black Slaves for Sale focuses on the moral dilemma aid organisations are faced with in Southern Sudan. For more then 17 years Africa's largest country is crippled by civil war between the Islamic North and the Christian-animistic South. Over 2 million people died during this conflict. One of its horrible consequences is the revival of slavery.

While the rest of the world remains ignorant, the Southern ‘Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army’ opposes the Muslim-fundamentalist government of the North. In an effort to take control over the natural oil and water recourses of the South, the Sudanese government has proclaimed the Islamisation of the country,

Slavery has always been part of Sudan's history, but in recent years it has become a new means in Sudanese warfare. Since 1995 the American John Eibner of the Swiss organisation Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has been buying the freedom of about 25,000 slaves for only U$ 50,- per person. These slaves are mainly women and children, captured as war-booty by armed forces of the Government of Sudan.



CSI is funded by donations from the Western World. Eibner's activities have raised serious opposition from different aid and human rights organisations. Human Rights Watch for instance, states that buying the freedom of slaves means participating in slave trade, which will only cause demand to increase and corruption to soar. Another objection to John Eibner’s activities is that he is buying the freedom for people, who have never been slaves at all. While Eibner focuses on individual victims, many organisations prefer a broadened international attention for Sudan’s problems.

Black Slaves for Sale follows John Eibner during his activities and tells the horrible stories of enslaved women and children. Critics comment to the work of CSI, while Eibner explains his reasons for doing this and why he disagrees with the critics. Set in a conflict with more questions than answers, this documentary challenges the viewers to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong in the moral dilemma of this modern slave trade.


Director Mark Aardenburg
Jacco Doornbos • Scenario Geert Heetebrij
Camera Rob IJsbrandy • Sound Maxicom
Oscar Pathuis • Music Hartmut Ewert
Voice Over Stanley Hitchcock
Rech Akol

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