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in coproduction with the IKON (the Netherlands) and  TV Catalunya (Spain)

Chemically Injured
Do we know what the consequences are of our growing use of chemicals?

Length: 52 minutes
Director: Mark Aardenburg
Production: MovieTron & Area TV

In a neat neighbourhood in the Netherlands, Tom van de Water wakes up in the morning. He is lying on a wooden cot, sheltered by a piece of plastic, in the garden behind his house. He gets up, folds his blanket and puts it away in a shed. He enters the house, goes into the kitchen and puts on his suit for work.

Tom, like many others, claims he suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), a disease triggered by the daily use of common chemicals.

Filmmaker Mark Aardenburg sees more and more chemicals used in everyday life and questions how this affects us. Although Mark feels perfectly healthy, the film will follow him as he tests his blood for high levels of hazardous material, which could be caused by exposure to chemicals.

In the US it is estimated 25 to 45 million people have a heightened sensitivity to chemicals. In Europe however, there are no figures yet.
The EU initially recognized the dangers of even small quantities of chemicals and drafted a law in order to protect European citizens. The powerful international chemical industry responded with intense lobbying. When the law was finally passed it was a feeble version of the initial proposal.  Greenpeace even claims that the new law, which came into effect in 2007, doesn‘t do anything to reduce harmful chemicals, but simply serves the chemical industry.

The industry (as well as most doctors) maintains that all chemicals are tested thoroughly for safety before they are put on the market. They claim it is not possible to become ill from the small quantities encountered in daily life.

Why doesn’t medical science and the chemical industry take diseases caused by chemicals seriously? Why is European legislation on this issue so weak? How powerful is the chemical industry?  
2007 MovieTron
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